Trail or organization related

Important points of interest / services (gas, food, lodging, etc.) are missing on the map, and/or contain incomplete information.

The points of interest displayed on the map are managed at the club/district level. As such, you can contact your local club/district through the email address available on their website to suggest improvements or to correct incomplete information.

Why are there no trails shown in my region?

We work with organizations on an individual basis to bring users up-to-date maps with all the information they need to enjoy the trails. If there are no trails in your region, that means we have not yet entered in a partnership with your local organization.

App billing

I purchased the PRO version, but the app prompts me to purchase it again?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the app, then tap on the top-left hamburger menu icon
  2. Tap on "Settings"
  3. Tap on "Restore purchase"
I purchased the PRO version on one of my devices. How do I activate it on my other devices?

Purchases made in the app are tied to the platform through which the purchase was made.

This means purchases made on iOS are only valid for iPhone and iPad devices. For Android devices, purchases are only valid for Android phones and tablets.

To activate the PRO version on your other device of the same platform, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app, then tap on the top-left hamburger menu icon
  2. Tap on "Settings"
  3. Tap on "Restore purchase"

If you would rather use the app on the other platform, we can issue a refund (for Android only, please send us your receipt) or you may request one directly from Apple (for iOS devices).

How do I cancel my subscription to the PRO version of the app?

For Android devices, you may follow this guide from Google.

For iOS devices, you can follow this guide from Apple to cancel your subscription

General app usage

Where can I find more information on how to use the app?

There is a tutorial built inside the app, which you can access following these steps:

  1. Open the top-left menu
  2. Tap on “Help”
How do I turn on the GPS function on my device to locate myself on the map?
iOS devices :
  1. Open [Settings], swipe down and tap on [Privacy].
  2. At the top, tap [Location Services].
  3. Tap the toggle button next to [Location Services].
  4. Tap on your organization's app an select [While Using The App]
Android devices :
  1. Tap the [Settings] icon on your Android device.
  2. Tap [Location] in the list of settings.
  3. Make sure the Location switch near the top of the screen is set to [On]. (This setting enables/disables the GPS for all apps.)
  4. If the switch is already On, toggle it to Off and then On again.
Why are the distances expressed in miles/KM if I’m in Canada/USA?

The app uses your device’s language to determine the unit of measurement for distances.

You can manually switch between units by following these steps:

  1. Open the top-left menu
  2. Tap on the “Settings” option
  3. Switch to the unit of your choice
Updates are too frequent and/or slow!

We make every effort to reduce the impact of updates on your enjoyment of the mobile app.

However, these updates play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of riders by keep the trails network and trail status up-to-date and representative of reality.

I bought the app last year, but it does not work anymore?

The app is only valid for the season during which it is bought. For the next season, you will need to purchase the new version of the app in order to access the trail data and enjoy all the features.

There are no services/amenities displayed in the app (gas, food, etc)?

The services and points of interest are disabled by default on the very first opening of the app to speed up the process. You can selectively turn them on through the Search menu, which will make them appear on the map.

The trails/maps are not detailed enough. The quality of the map was better in the online trail guide.

We chose to limit the resolution on the map for a better offline performance, reducing both storage and processing power requirements.

My GPS location is incorrect on the map and/or is not precise enough.

The precision of the GPS functionality depends on a multitude of factors, including the quality of the GPS signal in a specific area and the strength of the GPS chip included in your mobile device.

For an optimal performance, the app should be used outdoors with a direct line of sight to the sky. It won't work well inside a building, and will be limited in a car. (This is true for any GPS receiver, not just for mobile devices).

Still have questions or an issue to report?

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